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Praise for Booze, Broads, and Blackjack — A Deadly Combination

The reviews are in! Crime author Carl Nicita of Bakersfield, California, has received glowing accolades for his first novel, Booze, Broads, and Blackjack — A Deadly Combination. This action-packed thriller has left countless readers wanting more. Here's what some of them are saying.

Most live by the anthem, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," but it's untrue in Carl Nicita's case. He refuses to believe and live by it. He believes the incidents that take place in that magical city demand to be told to the world, and out loud for that matter. So, he wrote a book about it. This book is a light read, even though the dominating scenario is crime and gambling based. It's still full of surprises with unlimited references to popular cultural references of the era. (

"In addition to a great title, this gem is a highly readable & enjoyable farce. It may not win a Pulitzer, but it was an entertaining & fast moving treat. Nice debut Carl."
 (Rick Andrews)

"Having grown up in central New York until the early 1980s, I loved the local references to the area, the music, and the times."

"Carl's writing quickly pulls you into this story!"
(Frank Hammon)

"This book is addicting!"

"I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story and did NOT see the ending coming!"
(Susan Manley)

"Great book! I liked the ending!"
(Woodrow Cortez)

"It was like freaking Mozart!"
(Paul Greenwood)

"It's a nice, easy read — which is what I love"
(Dave Laird)

"It was great. I wanted more"
(Gina Bucci Warren)